Our Gallery showcases some images of stands we constructed for our clients.  Click on the thumbnails below to view larger images.

Sanlam Handmade Contemporary Fair – Hyde Park Shopping Centre

GSNC Exhibition Solutions was responsible for: All the carpentry that included all the cladding on the inside (internal wall structure and ceilings) and outside wall cladding and wooden deck area.  Installed pine batons for shelving system.  Installation and custom fitting of inside wooden flooring.  Manufactured steel frame and installed wooden deck.  Cladded and painted outside structure with Saligna wooden strips.
See More at www.pod-Indawo.com

Standard Bank Prestige Lounge – Cape Town International Airport – Manufacture and install

All furniture and elements were custom made by ourselves in Johannesburg and transported down to Cape Town.

View the Standard Bank Prestige lounge clip featured on Top Billing.

Donfeng Motors (International Client) ‐ Africa Aerospace Defence 2014 Expo ‐ Manufacture and install

BRAHMOS (International Client – Joint Indian and Russian Missile Manufacturer) – Africa Aerospace Defence 2014 Expo – Manufacture and install

IFSEC and Electra Mining – Brady build and breakdown for Exhibit A

MWEB Mall Activations – Manufacture and install – Western Cape

Legalwise – Manufactured and sprayed counters and screen display units (16 units) – Mall Activation units

Vodacom E-Learning – East London – Manufacture and Install

Samsung EMF Conference – Park Hyatt Hotel ‐ Manufacture and install

Samsung / Vodacom CSO Summit – Monte Casino & Sun City ‐ Manufacture and install

Grey Goose Stackable Units – Manufactured and sprayed units

Vodacom Foundation – Trialogue Conference 2014 ‐ Manufacture and install

Standard Bank BOFE – The Dome – Manufactured and installed

Standard Bank Durban and Johannesburg – Manufactured and installed

OSSA 2014 Drakensburg – Buildup and breakdown for Exhibit A

Samsung – Nedbank Innovation Center – Manufactured and installed

Scan Display – Markex 2013

Coca Cola – Head Office

Pfzier – Vodacom

ABB DRC Showroom Units x 10

Janssen – Durban – Build up and breakdown for Exhibit A

Bacardi Table Tops – Custom spray including text –Sway Nightclub

ABSA Bar counter units

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